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Cross-Border (Ireland) Patients

Cross-Border (Ireland) Patients

Why wait for treatment?

Irish patients awaiting medical treatment in the Republic of Ireland have the right to access treatment in Northern Ireland, whether in a public or private healthcare setting. If you are entitled to public health services in the Republic of Ireland and choose to access the service in Northern Ireland, you can be reimbursed by the HSE for medical treatment.

How to access the treatment?

1. The patient contacts the FMS Cross Border team via phone 015 134 256 or email at the
2. The patient will be assigned a specific consultant.
3. The patient visits their own GP for a referral letter. With referral address to Friends Medical Service Consultant.
4. The patient sends the referral letter to Friends Medical Service and books an appointment with the consultant.
5. The Patients attend the clinic for consultation, if a procedure is needed it can be performed on the same day or you will be given the option of the next available appointment.

Am I eligible for treatment in Northern Ireland?
  • To get healthcare in Northern Ireland and claim a repayment under the NIPHS you must:
  •  be ordinarily resident in Ireland – living in Ireland for at least 1 year
  • be entitled to public healthcare in Ireland
  • travel to Northern Ireland for your healthcare
  • have a referral for healthcare from a GP or public hospital consultant in Ireland
  • provide a copy of a letter of referral or a letter from a hospital to say you’re on a public waiting list in Ireland
  • apply for repayment towards the cost of your healthcare in Northern Ireland after you have paid for it
  • If you are unsure if you qualify for the NIPHS, contact the NIPHS office.
How much can I claim back from HSE
  • The maximum repayments are based on the healthcare costs in Ireland.
  • The repayments are based on whichever is the lesser amount:
    the cost of your healthcare in Northern Ireland
    what is the healthcare cost in Ireland
  • If you get a prior notification you’ll know how much you can claim back before getting inpatient healthcare in Northern Ireland.
How to apply to HSE for repayment

Link to HSE website for repayment
Northern Ireland Planned Healthcare Scheme – Applying for repayment –

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