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No Scalpel Vasectomy

No Scalpel Vasectomy

A no-scalpel vasectomy is a minimally invasive surgical method for male sterilisation, providing permanent contraception by blocking or cutting (the vas deferens), the tubes carrying sperm.

Procedure performed by:

Dr Peter Fanon
Dr Conor Doyle


The complete package cost £685.
This includes:

Doctor Consultation (£80)
No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure (£605)
Semen Analysis (one or two)- Posted to your home 4 months after the procedure.

Useful Information

  1. What is Vasectomy?

    Also known as ‘male sterilisation’, a vasectomy is performed during a minor operation where the tubes that carry sperm from a man’s testicles to the penis are sealed, preventing sperm from mixing with the seminal fluid (semen) and being ejaculated during sex.

    A vasectomy is a quick and straightforward surgery, usually carried out as a day case and takes around 20 minutes in total. After the procedure, up to two semen tests are carried out to ensure that all sperm has gone before the patient is given the ‘all-clear’.

    A vasectomy is a permanent method of birth control and is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. However, you will still need to use contraception for around eight to 12 weeks after your vasectomy as sperm can linger in the tubes leading to the penis during this time.

    There are few side effects associated with a vasectomy although on rare occasions a patient may be left with temporarily bruised, swollen or painful scrotum.

  2. When is a Vasectomy appropriate?

    A vasectomy is a good option for men who are in a long-term relationship and don’t want any more, if any, children. It is a good alternative to female sterilisation as a vasectomy is a far simpler and safer procedure and the results are more reliable. A vasectomy is also much more affordable than sterilisation.

    It is possible to have a vasectomy if you are single and have either completed your family or do not wish to have children. Contrary to popular belief, a vasectomy can’t always be reversed.

    If you do decide after having a vasectomy that you would like to have a child, sperm can be retrieved from your testicles to be used in IVF treatment.

    However, this procedure isn’t always successful and can be very expensive. So, you must discuss the matter extensively with your partner before opting for a vasectomy.

  3. How will I know the procedure has been successful?

    Approximately eight weeks after your vasectomy procedure, we will send an at-home semen analysis kit right to your door. You will just need to follow the included instructions for completion and then mail the kit to our partner laboratory for testing. This assessment evaluates for the presence of sperm in your sample, and it helps verify if your vasectomy operation was successful.

    Who is suitable for a Vasectomy?

    We consider individuals fit for a vasectomy if all of the following are true of them:

    • Physically and psychologically fit and healthy
    • Do not want to have children / any more children
    • Have realistic expectations of what can be achieved by surgery

    A vasectomy is a permanent surgery, so you should consider this carefully before deciding to proceed.

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