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GP Membership

Free GP appointments

Individual and family packages
Discounted rates on other services (including physiotherapy and health checks)

Membership plans offer reassurance, ensuring that a wide array of healthcare services are easily accessible and customized to meet individual requirements. Our coverage encompasses various medical services, such as consultations, health evaluations, screenings, and specialist referrals. Additionally, our services include flexible appointment scheduling, extended operational hours, and telemedicine alternatives, facilitating convenient access to healthcare whenever necessary.

Individual Membership Plan

Monthly membership £50 per month

Family Membership Plan (Max of 2 adults and 2 children 0-18 years)

Monthly membership £95 per month

What is included?

For Individuals – up to 15 free GP consultations during the year. (maximum of 2 consultations a month)
For family – up to 20 free GP consultations during the year. (maximum of 3 consultations a month)
✔ Online and Face-to-face GP service available
✔ 10% discount on all radiology services including ultrasound, DEXA
✔ 10% discount on physiotherapy appointments
✔ 10% discount on travel vaccinations
✔ Free one annual health check per individual/family plan

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