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Travel Vaccination and Health Advice

Travel Vaccination

Travel Vaccination and Health Advice

We offer expert advice, vaccinations, and medications tailored to fit your travel needs. Book an appointment with our General Practitioner (GP) for travel vaccine and medication.

What you need to bring
Please ask your GP for a copy of your immunization history.

What is included in the appointment?
1. GP consultation
2. Travel advice.
3. Vaccination and medication
At your appointment, our GP will discuss your travel vaccine requirements depending on your vaccination history and destination. He will then prescribe and administer the appropriate vaccines.

See below prices for specific vaccines.

G.P appointment £80 below are additional vaccine price

Vaccine Price
Hepatitis A £50
Tetanus £20.00
Typhoid £25
Hepatitis B £30
From £6 ( Variable depending on how soon you will travel and how long you will be travelling for)
Diphtheria £20
HPV Injection £210
Polio £20.00

Please note:

Vaccination requirements may vary depending on your vaccination history and immunity. Most vaccinations are administered in a single dose but occasionally you may need to have follow-up treatment doses.

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